Young People

Our Principles

Over 25% of East Salford's population is under 18. The Trust listens to and works with young people to raise their aspirations and plan recreational activities and events. The Trust is committed to :

  1. Creating opportunities and activities for personal and social growth and development
  2. Meeting the needs of young people at risk and requiring specific forms of support, for example, in health issues such as sex education and substance abuse
  3. Promoting social cohesion through sports activities and targeted group work
  4. Working with young adults who are not engaging in education, employment or training to find them placements and offer the support needed to keep them.

Albert's and Oliver's

The Trust works with three voluntary youth centres in East Salford, Albert's and Oliver's. It provides staffing and activities in the evenings and during holiday periods for 10-17 year olds, and organises visits, events, residential activities and fun days.

  • Albert's Youth Club at Albert's CIC Albert Park Great Clowes Street Lower Broughton M7 2ZS
  • Oliver's Youth Club at St Sebastian's Social Centre, Charlestown

Contact : for more details.

Investing in Young People

We have been awarded a major Grant from the Big Lottery. The Investing in Young People Programme aims to :

  1. Deliver twelve community-based projects involving 240 young people and adults over four years
  2. Recruit and train a pool of 25 volunteer mentors to work with 100 targeted young people over 4 years
  3. Support 36 young adults not in education, employment or training into a positive outcome over 4 years
  4. Train up to 120 adults in courses related to young people's development over 4 years

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